Lagonda Short documentary , 2003, 52 min.

Before World War II, architect Jan Frederik van Erven Dorens (1904-1994) made a fortune building large country houses. With his earnings, he bought his dream car, a Lagonda LG6 Drop Head Coupé, for fl 13,200 in 1938 in London. During the war, the car is concealed, but right after World War II it is commandeered. Van Erven Dorens would never drive his car again. In the late eighties, his grandson Robin van Erven Dorens decides to make a film about his grandfather's architecture, but after the latter's death he decides, camera in hand, to start a search for the vanished car. Through interviews, archival research and meetings with descendants, the history of the Lagonda, chassis number 12341, is reconstructed right up to the year 2003. Incorporating many historical films and photographs, this reconstruction also presents a vivid portrait of granddad himself, his work and his remarkable life.





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