Kladboekscènes Feature film, 1994, 98 min.

Indoor drama based on the play Lichtenberg, Scenes on the Eve of the Modern Age by Cyrille Offermans. The playwright allowed himself to be inspired by the life of German physicist George Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799). He incorporates events from the scientist's life in the piece, but does not try to provide complete historical accuracy. Waste Book Scenes is about the relationship between the renowned professor Lichtenberg and a young English academic who comes to him for further tutoring in physics and philosophy. The young man has lengthy conversations with his mentor, who would appear to be more interested in people than in the laws of nature. Ugly and hunchbacked as he is, Lichtenberg has no trouble identifying with the underdog. He is therefore always on his guard to avoid falling victim to his passionate attitude to his surroundings.



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