Kill Switch Feature film, 2017, 91 min.

After a former NASA astronaut gets offered a job with state-of-the-art energy company Alterplex Energy, he is charged with a classified mission that will determine the fate of our future world. When his boss’ megalomaniac energy experiment gets out of hand, our hero, a mysterious box in hand, is the only one who can save humanity. Director and visual effects wizard Tim Smit developed his short YouTube film What’s in the Box? from 2009 (worth 2.6 million views) into a feature film. The result is video-game-like Dutch scifi, predominantly told from a first person perspective.






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  1. Peter Warnier
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    Re-Recording Mix Technician 

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  1.   Entertainment One Benelux
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    J. A. Kouwenhoven
    2 awards  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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