Is dat een libelle? Short documentary , 2010, 51 min.

Oomens follows the Flemish artist Johan de Wilde for a couple of months, on his inspiration jaunts and while elaborating his texts and drawings. The Ghent-based artist reveals his philosophic side when talking about his interpretation of the truth. Oomens repeatedly displays his well-wrought texts, like: 'When looking out into the dark from a brightly lit room, you have to take great pains to distinguish anything.' When De Wilde is making one of his countless pen drawings, with titles like 'dark square with alpine tumour', the artist is again amazed at his world: 'I've discerned a growing distrust in the landscapes as they present themselves to us here.' Oomens does not provide any additional information about his protagonist, but keenly listens and registers, and lets De Wilde talk about histories that are important to him and about an image he suspects 'once existed'. Musically accompanied by beautiful pieces by Gustav Mahler and Morton Feldman.





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