Ibbeltje Short television drama, 2004, 25 min.

Director Ben Sombogaart sets the adventures of the uninhibited and unabashed girl Ibbeltje against a colourful background. This décor derives its charm from its unvarnished artificiality. It is patently obvious that the cat is fake, as is the grass, the tree, the hospital and the fire brigade arriving in a DAF. But the actors play nice roles, like real people of flesh and blood. Wearing many coloured threads in her hear, Ibbeltje is also a modern girl. The songs have exactly that slightly ironical tone that befits the work of writer Annie M.G. Schmidt; her Ibbeltje was originally published in serial form in 1962 and 1963.In this modern adaptation, in six episodes of just under 30 minutes, protagonist Ibbeltje discovers why her mother has cattish inclinations, where the umbrella with magic power comes from and the reason why umbrella manufacturer Pinkepank, Ibbeltje's father's boss, plays such nasty tricks.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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  1. Herman P. Koerts
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