I Love Art Short documentary , 2009, 53 min.

Who is that elderly American who does not skip a single opening in the Amsterdam gallery scene and what drives him, Frederieke Jochems wondered. For one season, she follows Daniel Gould, who with his shabby coat and plastic bag is a fixture between the cheese cubes and the art. In gallery circles, people think differently about him. Some see total a passion for art, others think he is only interested in the wine. In the Stedelijk Museum, people grow anxious when he stands close to Lou Reed. It is not clear what brought him to Amsterdam. People from his past refuse to appear in front of the camera and he prefers to keep silent about certain things in his past, too. Gould was an art collector who developed artistic ambitions. It is his dream to be included in the Guinness Book of Records with the world's biggest exhibition by a new artist. He is a charming conversationalist, but he has not received many pledges yet. We watch how he, with no permanent address, partner, passport or insurance, toils his way through life and we are witness to a great tragedy.





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