Het zijn reuzen Short documentary , 2009, 11 min.

Charming miniature documentary about Guus Thurkow and his passion for the miniature book. They should not be bigger than a packet of cigarettes, the often beautifully illustrated works the former publisher and antiquarian bookseller collects in his just as ingeniously scaled down library. He appointed Don Quixote - also a book collector and a little foolish - as the patron of his collection.He never reads a novel, but he definitely lives with his booklets. It is the endearment of the miniature and the challenge to make one himself. Using a bone folder, needle and thread and a small glue brush, he is working on a copy with the story of Don Quixote and the windmills. Meanwhile, he muses about his future. Given his age and health, the time has come to think about a destination for his Bibliotheca Thurkowiana. He would prefer to find a successor in the Netherlands. The booklet is finished. Unfortunately, it is not perfect this time.






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