Het verloren land - Before the Flood Short documentary , 2006, 58 min.

The documentary begins with spectacular footage of how water swallows The Netherlands. In Het verloren land, it is soon clear that fiction is rapidly becoming reality, especially for a small country like Holland, which was built on the bottom of the sea. Pierre Bokma coolly plays a man who as a boy was home alone with his baby brother during the flood disaster in Zeeland. The men of the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard polder board anxiously keep an eye on the water levels in the polders and a Dutch scientist explains how he, inspired by the warnings in Revelations, made wind analyses and concluded that in the near future Europe will be facing life-threatening super storms. The saddening scenarios are intercut with equally poetical and terrifying archive footage that bears witness to the destructive power of the water: from crumbling polar caps to churning floods that wash away everything that lives.

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