Het leven uit een dag - Life in One Day Feature film, 2009, 94 min.

Mark de Cloe's second feature film is a fable about time and love. Gini and Benny are born in a world where every sunrise is an event that the whole city turns out for. Because everybody only experiences it once in a lifetime. In this world, people's entire lives come to pass in 24 hours. All highlights are unique. Like the act of love. After all, repetition would make everything empty and useless, and who would want to live in such a hell, a preacher asks his audience. Well, Gini and Benny want it. They cannot accept that their one-shot crush will be extinguished after making love and commit a murder as an act of resistance. After their execution, they will end up in hell, where they can make love forever after. But due to a mistake during the execution, they do not go to the netherworld at the same time, which incidentally looks surprisingly similar to our world. During their desperate search for each other, seen in split-screen, they also discover the less heavenly aspects of love. Adapted from A.F.Th. van der Heijden's novel.

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NL - NFF Dutch Film Critics Award

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