Het achterland Short television drama, 2000, 50 min.

Episode from the tree-part series of TV dramas by VPRO TV focusing on blossoming love. Hinterland is about Esmée (17). This wayward girl works behind the counter at a small and tedious station and still lives with her mother Ellie. Esmée despises her mother's custom of surrounding herself with young lovers and seeks refuge in studying minute insects under the microscope. One day a mysterious traveller arrives at the station and, like so many, displays a lot of interest in her mother. He invites the surly and lonely girl to have a cup of coffee. This leads to a couple of intensive days together, when the stranger helps Esmée to discover her first love.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





  1. Frans van Gestel
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  2. Jeroen Beker
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