Hallelujah, tussen storm en stilte Documentary film, 2011, 85 min.

Many Dutch Christian families own LPs by the Urker Mannenkoor. The singing fishermen have been performing with gusto for many decades. However, this choir cannot be called a hobby: the religious element is all-important. Tiemen: ?The Bible story is gripping, but when you sing it, you really hear the waves and wind.? Performing, his fellow chorus member Henk realised that there is remission for the sinful man: ?From that moment, the lyrics really came alive for me.? On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the Urker Mannenkoor, Brouwer follows some choir singers in their daily lives. The men dwell on their village, their faith, their work, the choir and the problems that recently scourge the fishing community, like drug problems among youngsters and the killing of a teenager. Reverend Gerrit Oberink wonders: ?Has Urk ever really had its innocence? Many people dare to ask this question now.? The fundamentally tight-lipped villagers find some consolation in their singing. Chorus member Age: ?Talking together, can?t do. Singing together, can do.?





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