Goud Documentary film, 2007, 106 min.

On 8 October 2006, the Dutch women's field hockey team finally won the world championships again after sixteen years in Madrid. Goud follows the players and their coach Marc Lammers during ten intense weeks of preparing for the tournament. At the hotel, during trainings and analyses and at games. During a training stage in the US, one after the other match is lost. Meanwhile, Lammers struggles with the many injured players and the Dutch deliberation culture. As the tournament in Spain progresses, expectations run high. After an eventful final against Australia, Holland is triumphant. Never before, a camera crew had had access to the dug-out during world championships. From the pitch, the emotions of players and coach are intensely experienced. Goud provides a unique glimpse of a sports team under stress.

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NL - NFF Crystal Film (10,000 visitors documentary)



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