Fogbound Feature film, 2002, 98 min.

English-spoken psychological drama that blends past and present. The borderline between reality and fantasy is a vague one, which at times results in surrealist images. The married couple Leo and Ann and their close friend Bob are driving through the mountains and enjoying the beautiful vistas. Suddenly, they are shrouded in a dense fog and can't see a thing in front of them. It is too dangerous to carry on, so the threesome is forced to halt until the view clears. During the night, the fog thickens and the tension among the isolated trio rises. In their conversations, bottled up desires, jealousy, a traumatic experience and a dubious previous life in the 18th century rise to the surface. The friendship is tottering and the next morning, when the fog has dissipated, one of the three is dead.







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    J. A. Kouwenhoven
    2 awards  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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