Eva Short television drama, 1994, 53 min.

TV play from the VARA TV series Ouderen (Old People) about an ageing woman who embarks on a second youth after the death of her husband. The old woman falls in love with another inhabitant of the private home where she stayed on as a widow. She finds out that eroticism is the best vehicle for the human soul, even for the aged. Love makes her younger and more beautiful and fills her life with new meaning. But some of the other inhabitants try to throw a spanner in the works. The fact that the man in question is married to a senile woman is reason enough for them to condemn the relationship. Then the man dies. A violin-playing friend manages to lighten the sorrow of the inconsolable woman.






Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Editor (70)

    Sound Designer

Production designer


Location sound recordist

  1. Location Sound Recordist (58)

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