Eppie & Rinus Short documentary , 1998, 37 min.

Eppie (64) and Rinus (56) were once homeless and have now rented a house in Groningen's Oosterpark neighbourhood. Rinus' life is scarred by his stays in children's homes and reception centres and then by roaming. Eppie led a normal life until his girlfriend suddenly died, he lost his house and his mind. In a moving portrait, the film-maker Enny van de Velden paints a picture of two good friends who try to pick up the threads of a life in a normal house, That isn't easy, because Rinus drinks and Eppie hears 'voices' in his head that turn nasty when he has his umpteenth conflict with his buddy Rinus.



Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company