Enneagram - Milan en de Zielen Short television drama, 2004, 50 min.

One of nine single plays in the series Enneagram. Milan en de zielen (Milan and the Souls) is about type four in the enneagram, the (tragic) romantic. Eight-year-old Milan is struggling with the death of his girlfriend Stella. But it turns out that Stella has not completely disappeared. Milan meets her again in the woods near his house, where she tells him that all grown-ups have lost their souls and that they want his soul too now, to sell it to the soul thief. After all, children's souls are the most valuable ones, Stella explains. Milan becomes suspicious, he trusts nobody anymore. He crawls back into his magical world, where Stella returns from death through a gate in the woods. Then, Milan's mother suggests they meet Stella together. In Milan and de zielen, the camera behaves as a voyeur. The spectator often spies on the characters from behind trees and fences or follows them at a small distance. Added to the rather sober light, this gives an oppressive atmosphere.






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