Enigma Feature film, 1999, 70 min.

Max has a boring and illegal job in a abattoir and after his baby dies a cot death, he is inconsolable. He writes an autobiographical script with himself as the happy and charismatic hero. An American director says he knows a good producer for the script of his action comedy, but robs his of a large sum of money and takes off his his wife. Max is determined to convince the American producer of his talents and hires a cameraman to film his audition. Reality and fiction get frighteningly mixed up. Ruven describes Enigma as a reportage drama; a film style in which here and now plays a long time and through which the film looks improvised. The actors are just as important as the use of a small digital camera.






  1. Composer (165)

Cinematographer - DoP


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Production designer


  1. Director

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    Sound Re-Recording Mixer 


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