Engelen der liefde Short documentary , 2002, 42 min.

Hedije is the child of an Israeli mother and a Turkish father. At the age of fifteen, she became a prostitute. She speaks openly to director Barbara den Uyl about the possible causes. She was constantly beaten by her mother and raped by her uncle when she was twelve. But she also likes the power and the game of seducing. She has three kids, one of who lives with her. She says that for him she wants to stop doing this work. Den Uyl follows Hedije while she slowly puts her life in order, continuously directing the camera at Hedije's face. This makes the film both a portrait of her life and of the way her appearance reflects her inner self. This is especially clear from her conversations with her therapist, who occasionally breaks through the mask of aloofness.






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  1. Stefan Kamp
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  1. Cinematographer - Dop

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