Een zwaar hart Documentary film, 2001, 70 min.

Nello Mirando sr., Kokalo Mirando, Lupa Mirando, Nello Mirando jr., Nello Mirando the third and Bokkie Vink together make up the present gypsy orchestra Tata Mirando, once 'the private orchestra of the royal family'. In the early 20th century, this orchestra was very successful, particularly in Germany. Before World War II broke out, Tata and his family fled to Holland, but he could not escape death. Nearly all the members of his orchestra were deported. On the grounds of the former camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the descendants pay homage to their relatives and 'all others that died here'. The documentary not only tells the turbulent history of the gypsy orchestra Tata Mirando and plays their music, the film also follows the separate members in their daily lives; what is the role of their music, their descent and their work?




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