Echte mannen Short documentary , 2005, 50 min.

'Save the males' is an intertitle in Echte mannen that is derived from a bumper sticker. The search for the essence of the man is repeatedly interrupted by inserted texts from thinkers who tackled this phenomenon over the centuries, from Erasmus to Arthur Miller, from Oscar Wilde to Germaine Greer. It is evident that masculinity is a dynamic notion. Under the influence of feminism, which branded manhood as the biggest evil on earth and paradoxically prompted women to adopt behaviour that was reputed to be 'typically male', the modern man is forced to re-invent himself. With an open mind, Menna Laura Meijer meets several specimens of the Western male: the provocative cabaret performer, the nervous deejay, the cocksure porno star, the gay writer, the father-to-be, the resigned bridegroom, the tough student, the black gospel choir, the club for long-haired boys and a club of aged boxers. And what do these men like to talk about most? Right: women.





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