Down Feature film, 2001, 109 min.

Sequel to Dick Maas' thriller De Lift, English-spoken and with an international cast, is set in New York. When an elevator in the Millennium Tower malfunctions, a mechanic is called in to solve the problem. Not everyone is happy with that, especially the elevator. After two horrible accidents, journalists and policemen enter the building. A reporter in search of a juicy story spies on the mechanic and the police officers, who have launched a full-scale investigation. When some prominent New Yorkers fall prey to the elevator, the authorities seal the building. Now, things are left to the mechanic and the journalist, who together try to solve the mystery and to stay alive, because the bloodthirsty enemy tries to kill everyone who attempts to unravel the secret that lies hidden in the belly of the building.






  1. Composer (79)

Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (80)


Production designer


Sound designer

Post-production supervisor 

  1. Hans van Helden
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    Staff at Vereniging van Nederlandse Visual Effects Professionals - VNX

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