Don't Stop the Show Documentary film, 1999, 108 min.

The internationally-acclaimed rock band Golden Earring is an example of The Hague pop scene in the sixties. The band is now a phenomenon in the music world. Golden Earring has several world-wide hits to its name. The documentary Don't Stop the Show is a document of a then over thirty years old era with three storylines. The film follows a day in the life of the band members in 1998. We see how each prepares individually for a concert and what they do besides playing in the band. Using voice-overs and radio interviews, we hear anecdotes from relatives, neighbours, fans, roadies and critics. Archive footage, such as home movies, old TV recordings, live concerts and music videos helps visualise the story of the band.






Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Hans van Helden
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    Staff at Vereniging van Nederlandse Visual Effects Professionals - VNX

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  1. Kees de Groot
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