Devil's Pie - D'Angelo Documentary film, 2019, 90 min.

Première: New York Tribeca Film Festival 2019. Release Date: 16 May 2019 (Netherlands). In the documentary, Dutch documentary maker Carine Bijlsma D’Angelo follows during the tour of his album Black Messiah. The soul musician went through a difficult period in the years prior to which he disappeared from the public eye for more than a decade. At the time, he was in a spiritual crisis because of his status as a superstar, which manifested itself in several tragedies and turning points in his life. Bijlsma delves into the world of music legend and, through interviews with D’Angelo, big names such as Questlove, Pino Palladino, Alan Leeds and archive material that has never been shown before, slowly finds out who D’Angelo really is.

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US - New York Tribeca Film Festival selection

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