De Zwarte Meteoor Feature film, 2000, 107 min.

Adaptation of sports journalist Tom Egbers' book, which is based on actual facts. In 1957, the black South-African soccer player Steve Mokone comes to Almelo to play for Heracles. Soon, he becomes friends with 15-year-old Felix Verbeek, the son of a factory worker. Because of his companionship with Mokone, Felix gets trapped between the narrow-minded milieu of the provincial town and the star player's sophisticated attitude to life. Mokone teaches Felix to follow his heart and not reconcile to the petty future plans his father has for him. After a successful season, Mokone leaves Almelo. Felix remains behind with the plan to leave, too, but the question is whether he can overcome his father and escape the stranglehold of provincial Holland in the fifties.





  1. Matthijs van Heijningen
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    Paul Marbus

    Rene de la Rambelje

    Walter Kloos

    Tjarco van Wijck

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  1. Danny van Spreuwel
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  1.  Sigma Pictures
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    Matthijs van Heijningen
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    Guurtje Buddenberg
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    J. A. Kouwenhoven
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