De Troon Television drama, 2010, 6 x 50 min.

THE THRONE tells the story of the Dutch history of our first three kings, Willem I, II and III. The series is a vibrant and dynamic drama about a family who is carrying the burden of the Dutch reign. Their desire of power and mutual suspicion is tearing up all family ties, while they have to keep up a clean appearance towards the outside world. THE THRONE is a story about blood, battle and inevitable loneliness. Affairs all belonging to our throne. It is a story about the heroic and the growing consciousness of The Netherlands as a national state, but also about conspiracy, bloodshed, hate, hopeless romances and the lost of loved ones. And this all in just one family, the ancestors of our present queen. THE THRONE follows the bloodline of the fathers and the sons. The fathers don't trust their sons, while the sons are competing their fathers in the never-ending battle of generations. And there is always the burning desire of......the Throne.



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