De terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein Documentary film, 2005, 70 min.

In the first scene, a mall white car approaches on a narrow road. The driver's name is Hans-Joachim Klein. In late 1975, he and the infamous terrorist Carlos ('The Jackal') took part in the bloody kidnapping of the gathered OPEC ministers in Vienna. The kidnappers escaped via North-Africa, but Klein repented and turned his back on terrorism. From that moment, he was forced to go into hiding from the police and his former comrades-in-arms. In this documentary, Klein confronts his past, of which he is anything but proud. Illustrated by archive footage, Klein explains how he got involved in leftwing activism, naively opted for the armed resistance, and how this choice kept pursuing him. In Frankfurt, he visits some old acquaintances, including Daniel Cohn-Bendit. After Klein gave himself up in Normandy in 1998 and was imprisoned for some time, he became a free man.





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