De romantische lijn Short documentary , 1997, 50 min.

With suitcases full of flannels, bedding and bathmats, the ladies of the Brabant linen company Walra try to sell their wares door to door. De Romantische lijn (The Romantic Line) follows two women who are inaugurated into the 'world of Walra' in a short training. With their attempt to reach the imposed target of Dfl. 10.000,- the women try to reach the status of a real 'Walra adviser'. It becomes apparent that this is no easy task, as one of the women is repeatedly confronted by a locked door, another suffers from her back and the sales technique is also in need of a polish. Sadly enough this is more than a part-time job for the women, who also want to flee from their drab everyday existence, loneliness or boredom.






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