De prijs van overleven Short documentary , 2003, 57 min.

De prijs van overleven is the sequel to Begrijpt u nu waarom ik huil?, the controversial film Van Gasteren made in 1971 about a therapeutic LSD session that professor Jan Bastiaans did with an ex-concentration camp prisoner. What happened afterwards in the family, the father of whom suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and conveyed his camp situation to his wife and children? Making use of interviews with the widow and the youngest son and of letters to the filmmaker from the other two children, their upbringing is broadly described. And it becomes clear that the apprehension of one man victimised five people. The phenomenon of identifying oneself with someone else's anguish is so strong that the wife and children have nightmares about camp experiences they never had in real life. Traumas and consequences are also discussed by the director of the memorial site at Sachsenhausen, the camp where the father spent the greater part of his captivity.

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NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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