De man met de hond Feature film, 1998, 85 min.

Nimble comedy about the loner Kees (25) whose life only consists of visiting his mother in a psychiatric clinic and looking after his dog. But his mother doesn't recognise him and the only trace of the dog is its lead. Every night Kees has a solitary saunter around the area with his dog's lead and peers into peoples houses. An unexpected job as counter clerk at the local bank will bring more happiness to his life, thinks Kees. But his colleagues treat him as an utter nobody and the jokes he makes don't get through. Things change when Kees shows them a photo of a girl he sees dancing in her bedroom window every night. De man met de hond (One Man and his Dog) is the feature début of Ramsey Nasr, who acts with Zuidelijk Toneel.






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  1. Stefan Kamp
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  1.  Circe Films
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    Stienette Bosklopper
    14 awards  NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

    Lisette Kelder
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