De man in het niets Short documentary , 2004, 51 min.

The bizarre story of an amnesiac who was found in the Amsterdam Red Light district in 1985. He calls himself 'Bob Hunter', but that is all he can tell about his past. Only three years later, he regains his memory somewhat. He does not talk - still not in 2004 - and he can only communicate in French via notes. He writes about secret assignments, the CIA, secret codes and mentions partially reducible names and places. But even after years of searching by a sergeant of the Amsterdam police and countless analyses by psychiatrists, the entire story is still not known. Especially the four years preceding the moment he was found with amnesia in Amsterdam remain vague. According to psychologists, Bob makes the stories up as a result of a brain disorder. But he sometimes says things that make this doubtful.





Cinematographer - DoP


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