De lege plek Short documentary , 2012, 59 min.

On 23 May 1977, 105 children and five teachers of an elementary school in the Drenthe village of Bovensmilde were taken hostage by a group of South-Moluccans. They wanted to force the government to keep the promises about their own, independent state (RMS). After the hijacking was ended, the school building was immediately demolished. What remained was a bare stretch of grass: a silent witness to the tragic event that, even thirty years later, symbolises a torn village. John Appel introduces the former principal, some fifth grade pupils and their parents, who talk about their inability to straighten out the past. A former pupil confesses: ?The moment something like this happens, your childhood is over.? Personal outpourings alternate with poignant archive footage and interviews from 1977.





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