De kinderen van Arna Documentary film, 2003, 84 min.

In 1948, Jewish Arna Mer fought for the establishment of the state of Israel. A few decades later, she fought for a Palestinian state. From 1989 to 1995, when Arna died of cancer, she and her son Juliano ran a children's theatre company in Jenin on the West Bank. Away from all the street violence, the children had some tranquillity there and could learn what children who are not in a war can learn. When Arna passes away and the Israelis put an end to the theatre in 1997, Juliano leaves for Tel Aviv. When they reoccupy Jenin in April 2002, he goes back with a camera to visit 'Arna's children'. In five years, their lives have changed dramatically. A'lla leads a resistance group, Ashraf was shot by Israeli soldiers and Yussef committed a suicide attack. The Jewish-Arab Juliano tries to remain independent, but this is hard when a conflict dominates all pain, anger and grief and numbs all joy.



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