De illusionist Feature film, 1983, 90 min.

Comical feature film in which a stage comedian (Freek de Jonge) looks back on his childhood years in a poor miller's family. The film shows his ambitions as a conjurer, the rescue of his seemingly disturbed brother from a mental home, a rich grandfather, an obtrusive mother, a suicidal father, and scores of dead flies. Although not a single intelligible word is uttered, there is an abundance of sound. De Illusionist - a cinematic sequel to De Jonge's theatre show De tragiek from 1981 - won the 1984 Golden Calf for Best Feature Film.

selections & won prizes

NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

other prizes

NL - NFF Dutch Film Critics Award





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Cinematographer - Dop (57)


Production designer


Location sound recordist

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