De Eindhovensche golf Short documentary , 1998, 55 min.

A film about a golf club steeped in tradition, 'De Eindhovensche Golf', situated in the woods around Valkenswaard. Founded in 1930 by Anton Philips, this club is only open to the affluent élite of Brabant. Industrialists, doctors, prominent residents and 'blue blood' of Eindhoven enjoy the privilege of gracing the members' list. In an attempt to keep up with the times, their children are also allowed in, but it is almost impossible for anyone else to join. If you have the right background and acquaintances, you can be proposed to the board by three members, in the hope that an invitation to join will follow. The film follows the various sub-clubs, such as the 'Miele Washing-day Club', a group of twenty housewives who play on Monday mornings, the 'Korenwijn Club', made up of old notaries, estate agents and doctors and finally the wise old men of the 'Wednesday-afternoon Club'.






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