De Dokwerker Short documentary , 2006, 30 min.

De Dokwerker: for more than 50 years, he has been standing on the Jonas Daniël Meyer Square in Amsterdam, commemorating the events of 24 and 25 February 1941, when in Amsterdam and a few other places massive strikes were called to protest against the round-up of Jews by the Germans. We watch the sculpture, a strapping towering figure, lonely and unyielding, the patina of the bronze, his hands, unarmed and at the same time saying: come on, you can't touch me. We meet people in the Dokwerker's life in the year 2006. Passers-by, municipal workers, someone walking his dog every day, people preparing the commemoration. And the people who were there when the strike was called. They attend the remembrance every year, `even if they have to carry me there'.




Cinematographer - DoP


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