Days of Cannibalism Documentary film, 2020, 78 min.

In his hybrid documentary films, Teboho Edkins explores different cinematic genres. His “controlled” or “directed” reality is often shot and edited as one would a feature film, and his camera work reveals a keen sense for absurd situations. After a series of documentary-gangster films about South Africa, he has now turned his attention to the barren canyons of the Thaba-Tseka district in sparsely populated eastern Lesotho. Reminiscent of the “big country” of classic US Westerns, this landscape becomes the backdrop for a series of conflicts that erupt between the pioneers of a new, capitalist order – ambitious Chinese traders hoping to make a fortune far away from home – and the Basotho, traditional cattle breeders who revere cows as “gods with wet noses”. Former miners hope at least to find a poorly paid job in the employ of the Chinese entrepreneurs in order to avoid a life of crime, but the language barrier reveals other, deeper problems of communication. As is so often the case, it is all a question of assimilation, and what happens to old rules in new circumstances. A film that scrutinises globalisation.

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DE - Berlin International Film Festival Panorama selection

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