Dag juf, tot morgen Short television drama, 1994, 15 min.

TV series in 13 episodes, sequel to Kinderen van Waterland (Children of Waterland). Teet, Flo, Mies, Daaf, Mauli and Hiske live in a big city and are in the same class. When school is out, they experience all kinds of things. Teet, for example, finds a wallet and Hiske a runaway kitten. Mauli looks for the cuddly parrot that her mother gave to the garbage collector, Daaf gets a new sister and Flo loses her father in the shopping mall.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Herman P. Koerts
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Sound designer

  1. Peter Flamman
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    Staff at Peter Flamman Geluid bij Beeld

    Sound Designer (76)

Location sound recordist

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