Code Blue Feature film, 2011, 80 min.

Like Urszula Antoniak's debut Nothing Personal, Code Blue is a film that zooms in on loneliness, but this time redemption is miles away in this disturbing adaptation of the Polish short story Woods. Nurse Marion, middle-aged, lives in social isolation. The only human contact she has is with the terminal patients on her ward. Sometimes, she single-handedly expedites the dying process. Marion's private life is as empty and barren as her apartment. She develops an intense sexual obsession for her opposite neighbour, whom she follows and spies on. The eventual physical confrontation leads to a shocking climax in this nihilistic drama that shares elements with Michael Haneke's oeuvre. Antoniak has the intention to unnerve the audience, and does so in this film with an ash-grey palette and cold, symmetrical shots.

selections & won prizes

NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)
FR - Cannes Film Festival selction

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