Chickies, Babies and Wannabees Documentary film, 1999, 90 min.

Intrigued by the large number of teenage mothers in her own neighbourhood in Amsterdam's Bijlmermeer district, Karin Junger made a documentary about Denise and Melissa, two Surinamese girls aged 16 who are pregnant. The 'glad tidings' are not welcomed by their mothers as well as the young fathers. From the early months of their pregnancy until the children are eighteen months old, Junger observes the girls in their everyday lives. She tries to get to know and understand them. She gets on better with Denise than with Melissa. Melissa is indifferent and surly. When the baby arrives, she runs away from home with it and is kicked out of the reception centre. Denise always wanted to be an airline stewardess and then have a baby when she was 25. But she didn't dare ask the doctor for the pill and now she is busy with school and the men in her life as well as bringing up her baby.





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