Carmen van het noorden Feature film, 2009, 85 min.

The young and insecure inspector Joz is on the verge of getting married with the Moroccan Maryam. Unexpectedly, he gets assigned the big case of the murder of a prostitute. His relationship becomes unsettled when his investigation brings him into contact with the tempting Carmen, a gorgeous, liberated and ambitious young woman. He cannot escape Carmen and puts his future at stake. He is convinced she is the love of his life. Joz puts aside all his principles and turns into a person he does not want to be. Adapted from Prosper Mérimée's novella from 1845. Carmen van het noorden is an urban music film, the contemporary hip-hop version of Georges Bizet's world-renowned classic opera and a remake of the silent film Een Carmen van het noorden from 1919 by Maurits Binger and Hans Nesna (the director's great-grandfather), which in 2007 was included in the Canon of the Dutch Film.

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    Philippe Vié
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