Bloedbroeders - Blood Brothers Feature film, 2008, 95 min.

The plot of this equable thriller is based on true events. The hot summer of 1960 is rather uneventful for the two bored rich man's sons Arnout and Victor, until they, along with their docile classmate Simon, decide to give shelter to petty thief Ronnie in the attic of their father's capital villa. Initially, the schoolboys consider hiding Ronnie a nice pastime, but as summer progresses, the boy becomes an ever greater nuisance and a millstone around their necks. What is more, their father tells them the family is going on a holiday to the Italian isle of Capri. The three boys convene and without wasting too many words agree on a gruesome solution. This brings the story to its ending, but tempo and setting do not change: the summer remains sunny, the pinball machine serves its purpose and in the shade the friends play some hip songs.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (5)

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