Blazen tot honderd Feature film, 1998, 80 min.

In the course of four seasons, Blazen tot honderd (Dandelion Game) follows the process as Maurits (12) mourns the death of his mother. His intensely sad father, a restorer of paintings, is not able to offer him any solace. Maurits denies his mother's death and withdraws to the flood plains of the river. There he meets Moniek. During their journey of discovery through the plains, their tender friendship turns into love. But Maurits' anger and sorrow sometimes turn to extreme emotions and that frightens Moniek. A dead dog takes them over the top and Moniek never wants to see him again. This feature by director/scriptwriter Peter van Wijk is a psychological drama based on a novella by Geert van Beek.






Cinematographer - DoP


  1. Hens van Rooy
    +316 40 596 513
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  2. Editor (68)

Production designer


Sound mixer

  1. Peter Warnier
    +316 53 321 122
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    Sound Designer (52)

    Sound Editor (50)

    Re-Recording Mix Technician 

Location sound recordist

  1. Victor Dekker
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Distribution company

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