Bij ons in de Jordaan Television drama, 2000, 50 min.

TV series set in the fifties. Arie wants to convince his fiancee Karin that his neighbourhood, the Jordaan, is not an anti-social gypsy area. They go to a talent contest in which his brother-in-law Johnny Jordaan is also taking part. Johnny wins the contest and Karin is moved to tears by his sincere singing. The career of Johnny takes off. Arie is happy when one day he is asked to be Johnny's chauffeur. Then Wim Sonneveld comes into Johnny's life. Arie is pleased to see the men become close friends. When it gets through to him that Johnny is having a love affair with Sonneveld, his world falls apart. Arie has a healthy dislike of gays, as a true-blooded man from the Jordaan. The brass wedding anniversary of Johnny and his sister is the the last straw.

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