Bigger than James Dean Short documentary , 2003, 51 min.

If in Los Angeles a film is released every week, why would a young and ambitious actor stay in the Netherlands? In 1996, the blonde Christiaan Röllich packed his things and moved to Hollywood, bursting with bravura and dreams. Director Frank Krom asked Röllich for his motives ('I want to become bigger than James Dean') and filmed the sentiments around his imminent departure. In 2001-2002, Krom visits Röllich, who is still living in Los Angeles. Röllich is not a star, but merely one of thousands of fortune seekers who have to support themselves by handing out flyers. Röllich's greatest achievement so far was being a stand-in for Brad Pitt, for example in Ocean's Eleven. Nevertheless, he still hopes to reach stardom one day. 'It's a matter of who will hold out longest.' But eventually Röllich discovers an altogether different truth.


NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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