Angie Feature film, 1993, 90 min.

Cheeky action film about three young people who try to keep their heads in a harsh and confusing world. After her return from a children's home, Angie ties to build up a normal life with her mother again. But the mutual distrust is great. After a nasty incident with her mother's new boyfriend, Angie angrily moves in with her elder brother. Director Martin Lagestee regards his feature Angie as a fairy-tale upside down without a happy ending. A modern, non-moralistic tale in which friendship, sex and violence play an important role.





Executive producer

  1. San Fu Maltha
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    Staff at Fu Works


Cinematographer - DoP

  1. Tom Erisman
    +3120 673 0700
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  1. Herman P. Koerts
    +316 24 537 646
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    Editor (75)

Production designer

  1. Production Designer (113)


  1. Director

    Cast (62)

Location sound recordist

  1. Victor Dekker
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