Amsterdam Feature film, 2009, 85 min.

The Moroccan Khaled hopes to find happiness in Amsterdam as an illegal alien. He dreams of setting up a Moroccan fast-food chain with the takings from muggings and car theft. The sexy sister of his criminal Dutch chums from a posh part of town should bring his residence permit closer, but she has other plans. Because his father in Morocco is dying, his younger brother comes to find him, but he does not receive a warm welcome in Holland. Soon after his arrival, he gets assaulted and subsequently arrested by the police. An American couple in trouble, a Belgian gay couple and a quarrelling German working-class family are also part of the international mosaic of this metropolis, where communication is aggressive and a serious accident throws the lives of those involved off balance. The kaleidoscopic film is Ivo van Hove's debut as a feature director. He plays a supporting role as a shady car dealer.






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  1. Victor Dekker
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