All My Tomorrows Documentary film, 2010, 90 min.

Documentary about cancer shows that progress in medical science is mainly made as a result of man's ceaseless curiosity and percipience. The Greek physician Hippocrates, who some 2,500 years ago was one of the first to break the sorcery and religion taboos surrounding medical science, had the same means at his disposal as we do today: looking, feeling and cutting. The film follows a cancer surgeon, a cellular biologist, a night nurse, a child oncologist and a pathologist in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. They devote themselves with heart and soul to the mysterious disease and realise they will not live to see the day when the illness will be fully understood and that the means to treat it are as yet inadequate. Apart from their scientific work, they surround their patients with care. One of the keys to solving the question as to uncontrolled cellular division may be supplied by the mouse, an animal that shares around four fifths of its genes with humans.






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