Aafje Heynis, stem van de ziel Short documentary , 1995, 53 min.

Portrait of the Dutch contralto Aafje Heynis (1924). In the fifties and sixties, Aafje Heynis was a major star in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. With her warm voice and striking rendition she impressed connoisseurs and stole the hearts of many music lovers. In Holland the modest vocalist was, much to her regret, best known as a singer of religious songs, and not for her secular repertoire. In 1983 Heynis suddenly stopped her singing career and continued as teacher and coach. The documentary Aafje Heynis, stem van de ziel provides an impression of the life of Aafje Heynis and includes interviews with Heynis herself, director Bernard Haitink, singer Charlotte Margiono, music lover Willem Duys and several of Heynis' ex-colleagues.





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