Dutch post-production companies join forces in the Netherlands Postproduction Alliance (NPA)

As of May 14 2018, most major Dutch post-production companies are united in the Netherlands Postproduction Alliance (NPA). The NPA represents the majority of Dutch companies engaged in high-quality image, sound processing and visual effects for feature films, documentaries and high-end TV drama. The association is committed to joint promotion and further professionalisation of the industry, and aims to be a catalyst in expanding the Netherlands as an internationally renowned post-production country.

Chairman of the NPA, Remco Mastwijk comments: "The Dutch post-production industry has experienced great growth in recent years. This has to do with skilled professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and last but not least excellent value for money.

"It’s not for nothing that international award-winning quality films such as Donbass and Girl (Cannes Un Certain Regard 2018), The Lobster (Cannes Competition 2015), A Gentle Creature (Cannes Competition 2017) and Brimstone (Venice 2016 ) found their way to Dutch post-production companies.

“Meanwhile, the Netherlands has become an important 'post hub' within Europe. We distinguish ourselves internationally through our flexibility, creativity, ingenuity and great organizational skills. The increase in the Production Incentive cash rebate for digital production techniques (from 30% to 35%), and a strong association such as NPA, can only contribute to that."

More on NPA website.