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A hectic and modern “people mover” at Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Metro links to offices (Taxation Department, Courthouse, KPN, Port Authority), schools (INHolland) and entertainment (Nieuw Luxor Theatre, the LantarenVenster Film Theatre, Photo Museum). Completed in 1997 based on a design by Zwarts & Jansma architects. Unique characteristic: the sloping platforms that provide an extra spatial effect. Since late 2011, the RandstadRail metro between The Hague and Rotterdam Central Station terminus Slinge, has stopped at Wilhelminaplein. Checked fact: Rotterdam got the Netherlands’ first metro link on 9 February 1968 (5.9 km long): it linked Central Station with Zuidplein.

Rotterdam – Province of South-Holland

location contact
RET, Rotterdam
Sylvia Marsman
+3110 447 6257

local contact
Rotterdam Film Commission
Stationsplein 45, unit BE.041, 3013 AK Rotterdam
Saskia Kagchèl
+3110 433 2511
website Rotterdam Film Commission

distance [from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
63,1 km, fastest travel time by car 53 minutes


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